Ancient Warfare

The Celtic Way of War in the British Isles
Dr. Gavin Hughes

Amongst the Celts of the bronze and iron ages, warfare was a
way of life. It was a rite of passage, an established industry
and a test of political and moral power. Tribal warfare in the
British Isles remained unchanged for centuries. It was a stylised,
ritual business of not only securing territory but social esteem,
respect and rank.

Celtic Inter-Tribal Warfare in the British Isles 50 BC - 71 AD
Dr. Gavin Hughes

The image of the combat-hardened Celtic warrior is an enduring one.
The British tribal wars have much to offer the gamer who wants to try
something a little different..

English Civil War

A New Battle for an Old War
Noel Williams

The English Civil War was full of minor encounters. It seems tailor
made for wargamers’ recreation. Why do we always play the same eight
or nine battles?

The Battle of Bradock Down- First Lostwithiel - 19th January 1643
Dr. Gavin Hughes

A scenario designed for Warhammer English Civil War, easily translated to
other systems. A quick game that maintains as much of the feel of the
original battle as possible whilst retaining an evenly-balanced match.

The Death of King Gustavus Adolphus
Dr. Gavin Hughes

On the 16th November, 1632, two armies stood facing each other across
the raised road which led to Leipzig. On one side, stood the forces of
the Imperial League led by Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein. Against them,
stood the Protestant army of King Gustavus Adolphus II of Sweden. The
battle that followed became one of the most bloody and legendary
engagements of the Thirty Years' War - Lützen.

American Civil War

The War in the East 1861-1865
Dr. Gavin Hughes

A brief introduction to the war in the eastern theatre with some
suggestions on recreating some of the regiments which served there
on your tabletop.

The War in the West 1861-1865
Dr. Gavin Hughes

The war in the west was, arguably, the driving force that spurred
the eastern campaigns onwards. This article will give you some flavour
of the fighting in the west and provide some interesting scenario ideas.

World War One

The Early War British Army
Dr. Gavin Hughes

A brief introduction to the background of the early infantry of the
British Expeditionary Force, with a few suggestions and ideas for
recreating units and some of its smaller actions.

The Scottish Regiments in the Great War 1914- 1918
Dr. Gavin Hughes

The Scottish infantry during the Great War were arguably the most distinctive
of the British Expeditionary Force. Their contribution left a lasting impact
on the history of the War and gave us some of its most enduring images.

British Cavalry Units 1914 - 1918
Dr. Gavin Hughes

To many, the cavalry were a glittering showpiece of Empire. Yet, behind
the spit and polish, these men were also professional fighters who, when
war came, were swiftly transformed into modern mounted soldiers.

The Early War French Army
Dr. Gavin Hughes

A brief glimpse into the world of the 'poilu' (literally 'hairy one'!)
from 1914 - 1915, as they attempted to hurl the insolent 'Allemandes'
back across their borders once and for all.

The French Marine Brigade in Belgium 1914 - 1918
Dr. Gavin Hughes

In 1914, the Fuslilers Marins were wading through the water-filled
trenches of Flanders, fighting the enemies of France once more. This article
hopes to give a brief guide on the organisation, uniform, tactics of the
French Marines, with a view to offering a few scenario ideas on their
defence of Dixmude.

The Early War French Cavalry Units 1914 - 1915
Dr. Gavin Hughes

In 1914, France's splendidly dressed cavalry regiments were amongst the
most colourful of any European power. Adding French cavalry to your Great
War army will add colour and spirit to any of your games.

The Early Imperial German Army
Dr. Gavin Hughes

A brief guide and background to the regiments of 'field-greys', which will
hopefully give you a few ideas of how to use them on your wargames table.

German Jager Battalions in the Great War 1914- 1918
Dr. Gavin Hughes

The Jagers of the Imperial German Army are sometimes an overlooked troop
type, yet these fast moving, sharpshooting, troops fought tenaciously
on every front, from the mountainous passes of Macedonia to the bloody
quagmire of Verdun. By the very nature of their duties and organisation,
they were ideal light infantry.

German Cavalry Units 1914 - 1918
Dr. Gavin Hughes

In the early period of the Western Front, the role of German cavalry
was, arguably, at its highest profile. In the swift war of movement
dictated by the Schlieffen Plan, the German cavalry became the literal
spearhead of the thrust into Belgium. In the dying summer days of 1914,
the cavalry regiments symbolised all that Imperial Germany held dear.

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